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Summer 2021 recap and hopes for Fall.

September 22, 2021

Today is the first day of Fall. What? How is that possible. I remember celebrating my son’s second birthday in April and that seemed like yesterday. Although the weather doesn’t indicate it is Fall, I am so ready for cooler weather and (if I dare say it) some rain. So how was your summer? How are you handling covid 2.0? What are your plans for Fall 2021? What are you most looking forward to? Well I wanted to jump on here to do a little recap of life this summer, and to set some intentions for this fall. Baby is napping, so I’ll make this brief.

How was my Summer? I went to Gilroy Gardens three times. We went to the beach about twice. We went camping to Mt. Madonna with my parents and my niece. We bought a truck- finally! I’m excited for future outdoor activities in it. We sold our condo in downtown SJ. We swapped it for a rental property in Los Banos. We spent most of our remaining summer renovating a part of the house to convert it into an in-law unit. I went to Sonoma for a friend’s bachelorette. We visited family in Granite Bay, beautiful place. We went to southern California to attend a wedding in Crestline. We took that opportunity to visit my sister Sandra and her family, who I had not seen since March. My summer also went by super fast because I was working more than usual. I had a case that was set for trial November 1st, so I was swamped with discovery. I’m happy to report that the last wave of work (June- September) has calmed down and I can breathe again. No joke, I was so stressed out.

What am I looking forward to this Fall? Time off. Okay, I’ll settle for a weekend getaway. Maybe Pismo again? Finishing the renovations and landscaping in October is at the top of my Fall list. As for more colorful events I’m excited about, I’m looking forward to my niece’s birthday party this weekend. It’s a birthday party at a farm in half moon bay. My 2.5 year old toddler will love it! He’s been reading all about farm animals. I’m also looking forward to attending a family Halloween birthday party. Naturally, I’m excited for the pumpkin patch and for Halloween as well. I’ve already decided on our costumes. It’s a DIY situation. We also have a Fall wedding in October. It’s a western themed wedding. I don’t own cowboy boots, but I got Vinni the cutest boots today. The wedding is near Reno, so that should be a fun get together.  Last but not least, I’m looking forward to Fall cooking. I really want to get back in the kitchen like I used to. I’ve been resorting to pre-prepped costco meals. I’m looking forward to pumpkin curries, or deep flavored stews. My goal is to post two new recipes this Fall. What should I make? What are you cooking these days?

That’s it for now. I’ll come back in a few weeks, hopefully to provide you some updates.

 Here’s a picture of Vinni and I at our first pumpkin patch.

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Summer Penne Pasta with Sweet Heirloom Pear and Cherry Tomatoes

July 18, 2015

Penne with Yellow Pear and Cherry Red Heirloom Tomatoes


E: Well summer is officially here. I harvested some tomatoes from our garden today. This is the first year we have a garden, we moved into our house last year. I planted about five different types of tomatoes in March. The garden is on a drip system, so there are weeks that go by without anyone tending to the garden. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pear tomatoes were sweet and ripe. I hadn’t planned to make dinner, but once I had these delicious homegrown, organic heirloom tomatoes I decided to whip up a quick veggie pasta meal. I love the warm tomatoes, mozzarella that is not really melted but almost, and the simple olive oil sauce with garlic and cheese. It’s better than any marinara sauce if you ask me. yum yum yum… Continue Reading…