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Clean Crepes with Fruit

February 4, 2015

Clean Crepes with Fruit

serving size:  2 crepes

yields: 2 servings

calories per serving: 338

nutritional info: protein 13 grams; fat 10 grams; fiber 8 grams; carbs 51; sugar 9 grams


E: There is no way to fool my body when it comes to sugar and dairy consumption. Any type of food that is high on the glycemic index wreaks havoc on my skin. This means that I usually avoid dairy, sugar, and grains like white rice and white flour.  This is why I substituted the sugar with maple, the white flour with wheat flour, and the cow’s milk with soy-free unsweetened almond-coconut milk. Top these with your favorite fruit. I highly suggest making these for your guests. Add some cinnamon sticks as decor for your presentation. As we say in spanish, “Buen provecho.”

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