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Mango-Banana-Pineapple Smoothie with Maca

March 1, 2016

E: I highly recommend this smoothie. The burst of tropical fruit early in the morning really wakes you up and encourages you to start your day. Plus, it’s fully loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. You will not be disappointed.

Research has shown that mango has antioxidant compounds which have been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. Pineapple is good because it has a lot of fiber. A diet high in fiber helps reduce risk of constipation, heart disease, and possibly cancer. Plus the  fiber keeps you full and can help you lose weight. Bananas have high potassium content and they are an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.

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Pico De Gallo

July 13, 2015

Pico De Gallo (Salsa Fresca)


E:Pico de Gallo is diced veggies small enough to resemble “rooster food.” You can add “Pico” to almost anything and can make it part of a healthy snack by eating it with some crackers and avocado. It’s great for huevos rancheros. Growing up, on most Sundays after church we would stop by the Mexican market to buy “carnitas.” As soon as we got home, mom was in charge of prepping the meat and making a salsa verde or roja, and us girls would start cutting the veggies to make Pico de Gallo. Biting into a juicy taco with hints of cilantro and serrano and a warm tortilla will always bring me back to those Sunday brunches with my family. 

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Chinese Chicken Salad

May 6, 2015

Chinese Chicken Salad

yields: 4 generous servings

E: Kudos to me for running on the treadmill today and eating this healthy salad for dinner. I’m trying to be healthier about by physical activity and my eating. Today I even woke up early to make myself a green juice smoothie, and do a 15-minute workout from Women’s Health Magazine. My sister Maggie and I are constantly sending each other our meals throughout the day, and pictures of ourselves at the gym to motivate each other. The same goes for my sister Sandra. Today, naturally, I sent them a picture of this salad.  Ha ha. What do you do to ensure you reach your health goals? Perhaps make this salad for dinner tonight? You can’t go wrong.

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Roasted Cauliflower

April 25, 2015

Roasted Cauliflower 

E:   This year Sam and I hosted our first party at our new house. We actually hosted back to back new year’s parties: one for his family and one for my theta sorority sisters from UC Berkeley. One of my friends, Emily, asked if she can bring something to the party. While I usually don’t like to have guests bring something, I was struggling with adding more vegetarian finger food. She is vegan so I asked her to bring a dish. She brought roasted veggies. They were a huge hit. They are so tasty and healthy!! A nice alternative to that heavy, high calorie chips and dips. I have since then made the roasted cauliflower and also a sweet potato wedges in the same way. I find that you can dip the florets into a greek yogurt dip, or eat them as a side to complete the meal.

I’ve seen several version of a roasted cauliflower recipe. Some add thyme and red pepper flakes instead of paprika. Some add capers and thyme. I haven’t tried those versions yet. My husband doesn’t like thyme too much. If you try a variation, please share.

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