Tangy Vitamin C Punch

July 23, 2015

M:  A while back, a friend of mine from church shared with me that she regularly does juice cleanses. So later she brought two of her favorite juicing books. There are a ton of recipes but I am trying out the ones that I can make with the fruits and vegetables I usually have. One of them is this recipe with only three main ingredients.  This recipe was pulled from the book Total Juicing by Jack LaLane published in 1992.


1 pink grapefruit

1/2 pineapple, skinned and cut into spears

1 lemon peeled

All you have to do is peel all of your fruit and in the case of the lemon and grapefruit keep some of the white pith. Then juice it all together. Just remember it had grapefruit so it’s really tangy. If it’s too strong you can always water it down.

Some people like to freeze some of the pulp and use it later but I like to re-juice it. I usually get a bit more juice out of it so you’ll see the pictures show me reusing it.  Whenever I make a juice and don’t drink it right away,  I store my juices in airtight mason jars. By making sure that the juice fills up the container completely you help eliminate some of the air therefore helping it stay fresh longer.



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