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Adaptogens, Nay or Yay?

August 15, 2017

E: Have you heard of adaptogens? I recently started doing more research into how to reduce my “stress.” I’ve been told several times that stress may be a reason why my skin breaks out and why I can’t seem to shake off that weight around my tummy. People tell me, “just relax!,” or “don’t stress.” Thinking about not stressing out, stresses me out! Isn’t that usually the case, when someone tells you “don’t eat ice cream,” the first thing you want to do is go to Baskin Robbins.

Using adaptogens wasn’t something that I looked for as the only way to reduce stress, that would be unrealistic. I don’t believe in cure all gimmicks. I’ve recently changed my work outs, have made a stronger commitment to eating healthy (mostly raw/vegan), am trying to meditate in the mornings (download the “headspace” app) and recently switched to a less stressful job (bye bye non-profit world). I discovered adaptogens as I was surfing the web doing research on how adrenals regulate your hormones. I came across information on how natural herbs can help. Several studies show that detoxification of the liver helps detox adrenals which in turn helps regulate cortisol and our hormones. I came across a video by Dr. Josh Axe on his you tube channel on cleansing the adrenal system, and starting snooping on his channel. Adaptogens are something he and his partner talk about frequently in several videos: on reducing stress, on losing weight, on improving acne, etc.. What I enjoy reading and listening to (as I’m working out in the mornings- I watch you tube videos sometimes) is that there are many ways to help our body improve its function with natural herbs, essential oils, and “ancient medicine.” I much rather address the root or cause of my problem than to take antibiotics or topical creams for acne that will only disrupt my body more! I highly recommend doing your own research, but I wanted to share the links below and share the products I’m trying. So far I’ve noticed a slight change and feel in a better mood overall. I’ll have to update you more the further along I get into using these products.

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Toxin-Fighting Turmeric Tea

August 13, 2017

Hey! It’s Magda here blogging again for the first time since Mateo was born (8 months ago). Wow, time just zooms by with a tiny human being. Anyway, these past few months have been somewhat of a rollercoaster for me in terms of health. For the first real time, I actually have to try to lose weight, meaning really push myself to make a change. Unfortunately, being home all day kinda got me stuck on raiding the fridge for snacks all the time and sitting on my butt to entertain the little one. So I’m ready to take control of my body again.

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21-Day Recharge!

August 7, 2017

Soo… my sister Sandy is a big advocate of raw foods. She wanted to embark on the 21-day Raw-vitalize plan and needed our moral support (by way of my sis Maggie and I doing the 21-day revitalize plan with her). So naturally, being super into healthy foods, and having major FOMO, we all decided to start it together. I have no idea how she heard of this book, but so far (from reading and glancing at the recipes) we love it. We started the plan today. JJJJJJJJOIN US! The awesome thing about IG, is that you can hashtag everything and I found a few other people #rawvitalize -ing too. We are all one big community of health nuts, I love it.

I’ll report back on how things are going, and also at the end let you know how we both did. So far Sandy likes the recipes, because they are kid friendly (she has two kids, a 4 year old and a 1 year old.) The three of us have high hopes this is do-able and a lifestyle change we can get on board with. If you’ve been following my health journey, you know that I went from the standard american diet, to paleo diet, to mostly vegan during the week, and now trying the raw lifestyle. I do see how it can be easier to do it progressively, because your tastebuds gets accustomed to the natural flavors of organic fruits and vegetables.

If you want to join us, download the book from our shop page link and follow me on IG stories (thencomescooking). I’ll be posting my journey there for the next 21 days. Do it, do it, do it! Everyone is doing it.