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French Omelette with Tomatillo and Avocado

July 19, 2015

French Omelette Topped with Tomatillo Salsa and Avocado


E: This is a lazy Sunday morning. I’m catching up on some food blogging and doing chores around the house. I’m getting ready to go to Mexico next friday with my sister, her hubby and my parents. I’m so excited.  One of the towns near my mom’s hometown was recently flooded by a dam that broke. My aunt’s home was rendered uninhabitable and she lost everything. I am going through my closet to see what I can bring with me to donate.  I’m looking forward to seeing my mom’s family and also visiting with my dad’s parents. They are the only grandparents I have left and it makes me sad I don’t see them or know them enough. It will be a great trip, I know it. 

Anyways, as I was doing some of my chores I started craving this omelette. The french omelette is like a crepe, it’s thin and you fold it in as it cooks. I like the savory parmigiano-reggiano inside. I topped this french omelette with some homemade tomatillo salsa and some avocado. It is light and healthy. If you don’t already have tomatillo salsa, you would want to make that first.

I first experimented with french omelettes when I was watching a cooking episode with Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. The entire 30 minutes episode was about cooking eggs for breakfast. They each shared how to make scrambled eggs, french omelettes, poached eggs, sunny side up eggs, etc. It was actually very educational. Plus how can you not like Julia and Jacques’s accents. 

Anyways, for my hubby’s omelette I used 3 eggs as the recipe suggests. However, for mine I only used 1 egg and an additional egg white, less cheese and more avocado. I love avocado. We planted an avocado tree and can’t wait until the day I can just pick them from our backyard.

1 whole egg and 2 additional egg whites

1 tablespoon of parmigiano-reggiano

garlic salt, salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon avocado oil

¼ medium avocado, cut into slices

tomatillo salsa (if you want a homemade recipe, you can find mine in my chicken chile verde posting)

Add the eggs to a bowl and mix with the cheese and spices. Bring small pan to medium heat. Add small portion of avocado oil or your preferred oil to pan. Coat the entire pan with the egg so it has spread into an even thin circle. Cover the pan with a lid so the top part of the egg also cooks with the steam of the pan. Using your spatula fold in one side of the omelette toward the center like a burrito. Then fold the other side. Slide the omelette onto a plate. Top with avocado slices and tomatillo salsa. I served it with a bread that is high in protein, fiber and omega 3s. No butter here!

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